Orlando Youth Empowerment Summit

Our Mission:


OYES is a free conference that empowers Central Florida LGBTQ+ youth, community members and allies with the resources and education to bring about understanding, acceptance, and inclusion.

Saturday, October 19, 2019 | 9am - 4pm | Valencia College West



The Orlando Youth Empowerment Summit (OYES) is an annual free event presented by the City of Orlando in collaboration with local governments and LGBTQ+ community organizations to empower Central Florida LGBTQ+ youth, community members and allies with the resources and education to bring about understanding, acceptance and inclusion. 

Since its inception in 2014, OYES has been supported by Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, District 4 City Commissioner Patty Sheehan and LGBTQ+ community organizations to assure all communities feel welcomed, respected, and valued regardless of disability, race, cultural background, place of origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.



OYES provides dynamic and interactive workshops to address the issues and necessities of our LGBTQ+ community and find potential solutions in a respectful atmosphere.

Keynote Panel

LGBTQ Community & Business Leaders

Featuring Jennifer Foster, Sharlie Reynolds, Carlos Carbonell, Nikole Parker, Daniel Downer, and Marco Antonio Quiroga

The panel will feature leaders in the Orlando community who are LGBTQ business owners or executives in their organizations. The discussion will circle around questions like:

  • How did you come to be in your current position?

  • What life has been like for you?

  • Can you share stories of your successes or failures?

Featured Entertainment

Pepe - Comedian from Sak Comedy Club

Youth-Centric Programming

Popular Sessions Include:


Putting In Work: Preparing and Reaching Your Career Goals

Participants will learn how to succeed in today’s professional world as a member of the LGBTQ+ community by being their authentic self, defining career goals, and crafting a plan to reach them.

Civic Engagement

Participants in this session will leave with a stronger understanding of how to make a greater political impact beyond voting, including upcoming opportunities to get involved!

All About Medical Transition

Participants will gain an understanding the process of medical gender transition. Special consideration is given to the understanding of what is required prior to the use of hormone therapy with brief discussion about the difference between medical and surgical transition.


Mindfulness is the art of being in the present moment. This workshop is designed to help attendees release stress by identifying and letting go of what is out of their control in the present moment.

Sexual Decision Making - Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Safer Sex

Facilitator will breakdown STD myths and stigma. A basic T-chart will be utilized to illustrate the most common STD's, their symptoms, whether or not they are curable.

How To Be An Ally For LGBTQ Youth

Since 1972, PFLAG has helped support, educate and advocate for our LGBTQ loved ones. We would like to share our experiences and successes in combating the many social challenges we still face today.


Creating new standards of beauty through artistic Body paint. In this session participants will learn about the history of painting the face and the contemporary way to express yourself with theatrical makeup. We will discuss new standards of beauty through artistic body paint.

Understanding Intersectionality

Participants will embark on an understanding of the multiple identities we embody, in an effort to better understand the positions of privilege and power that are held by others, and ourselves, and actively work to address equity.

What’s the T? (Transgender Panel)

Panel discussion between transgender people from all points on the spectrum. Questions will also be fielded from the crowd.

Express Your Tech!

Participants will get an opportunity to explore the world of tinkering. By applying STEM concepts to create and using materials they are familiar with, students will be open to create a wearable simple circuit that lights up and lets them express their tech!

Legal Needs of Transgender Youth

This workshop will include information on the legal rights of trans youth and their parents, including how to protect their rights in areas such as education, housing, bathroom use, workplace discrimination, and more.

LGBTQ+ Inclusive Advocacy

This workshop will present various modes of self-advocacy for LGBTQ+ youth; will distribute an HRC survey of 12,000 teens who've shared experiences relating to their home, school, youth programs, colleges etc.

From Stonewall to the Supreme Court

Much like many marginalized populations, the history involving the LGBTQ+ Community is not taught within the school systems. Learn the importance of understanding the history and the struggles of those who came before to stand up for the community and what is right.

Understanding through Erasure Poetry

Participants will use mixed media art materials to create erasure poems of the 1967 text "Understanding and Counseling the Male Homosexual," a psychological handbook that utilizes discriminatory language to describe gay men and reinforce heteronormative values.

How to Improve Your GSA

Come join the leaders of the Central Florida GSA Network in discussing how the network Helps local GSAs. Also learn some tips and tricks on how you as a member or even as a president can improve your GSA.

LGBT & Starbucks Connections!

Walking through how we taste coffee at Starbucks, sharing information about our benefits and resources, answering any questions about Starbucks culture, mission, & values while enjoying coffee and pastries together!

Strength through Empowerment

There are many challenges that face our LGBTQ youth. One of those obstacles is clearly communicating who you are with strength and resilience. It takes courage and self exploration to make the decision to proclaim your identity.

Poetry & Pedagogy

Poetry & Pedagogy is a workshop that engages youth through creative expression, by reaching them to express themselves through poetry/Hip Hop, while incorporating social issues and civic engagement.

Healthy Relationships

Presentation includes continuous Q&A interaction with the audience, as well as a relationship qualities/characteristics activity where participants will understand what is important to them in their dating relationships.

PRIDE Garden

Art Empowerment - Creation of a "PRIDE Garden" using paper cut-outs and glue sticks.

Religion and LGBTQ+ People

Participants will find a friendly and welcoming panel of religious leaders in this workshop! Faith leaders will discuss how religious people can build a positive relationship with LGBTQ youth and adults


Lip Sync Battle

Perform your favorite song or just enjoy the entertainment over lunch.

Out of the Closet Boutique

A free clothing boutique that exists to help LGBTQ+ people find fashionable and trendy clothes in a safe environment.

Sephora: Classes for Confidence: Bold Beauty for the Transgender Community

A class created especially for transgender or non-binary people to learn about techniques and products to fit and empower their beauty.

OYES Serenity Room

This is a safe, relaxing space where you can have a moment to breathe and reflect on the many exciting workshops during the Summit.the day.

MOL: Mobile Screening Unit

Confidential HIV and STI Testing


Join Us!

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Registration, Breakfast & Opening Remarks: 9am - 10am
Workshops: 10am - 4pm


Sponsorship Opportunities

Reach our growing LGBTQ+ community

  • Connect with more than 200 attendees and community and corporate partners committed to preserving an inclusive and accepting environment in our city, organizations and workplaces

  • Create awareness on your corporate inclusion and cultural competence value enhancing the engagement of your organization with our LGBTQ+ community

  • Increase branding by promoting and distributing samples of products and services while

PLATINUM - $5,000

  • Logo inclusion in digital marketing pieces, including social media graphics and on our website

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SILVER - $1,500

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(Unless a 501(c)3 with a direct LGBTQ+ mission/focus)

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  • Certificate of appreciation

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